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Are you preparing for the entry test medical at home or on-campus? Find out what you should know about the exam before taking it! Stars Academy Lahore is one of the top institutes of MDCAT since 1991. Fee Structure



NMDCAT stands for National Medical & Dental College Admission Test, which is mandatory to take by those who want to get admission in MBBS or BDS in any medical or dental college or university of all Provinces. This test is compulsory to secure admission in both the private and public sector institutes. The primary purpose of the test is to check the ability of candidates who wish to go into the field of bachelor of medicine and surgery (MBBS) or just want to opt for bachelor of dental surgery (BDS). Every year, PMC conducts this test all over the Pakistan. Without taking the test, aspirants’ admission applications will be nullified.  

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Our program includes all sorts of Entry Tests that consider in top Universities after intermediate (F.Sc Pre Engineering or F.Sc Pre Medical) and A-Level Exams. We proudly announce in past years, those students who got Entry Test Preparation Program by Stars Academy Lahore are now working as Doctors, Engineers and IT Professionals. Many students have currently enrolled in MBBS or a different Medical field, Engineering and other top fields of studies. Our Teaching Methodology Includes dedicated and committed Expert Teachers, Preparation Resources including the full pack of MCQs, Entry Test Books, guideline to solve paper in shortest time, career counseling and many other. Courses offered at Stars academy are MDCAT, ECAT preparation, FUNGAT, NTS, LMDCAT (UHS Exclusive), LMDCAT, NUMS (Exclusive), ECAT, MDCAT (Crash Program), NET (I, II, III), LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.E), LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.) + NET (I, II, III). Admissions are open hurry up limited seats left.

Eligibility Criteria For MDCAT Entry Test 2023 

Pakistan Medical Commission also comes with the latest general eligibility criteria for MDCAT. All the interested candidates will go through the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for MDCAT:  

  • Candidates have to secure at least 65% marks in the intermediate level of education.  
  • Candidates must show their national identity card or B form for being eligible.  
  • Result awaiting students are also encouraged to apply for MDCAT.  For Details

MDCAT Registration Process  

The registration process for MDCAT has also been finalized by PMC. Candidates are advised to follow the below-given process to get registered for MDCAT:

Step 1: During the first step applicants will log in and fill the application form through the official website of PMC. Candidates will put their personal, contact details, and educational details and submit the application form.  

Step 2: During step 2 applicants will print fee challan and pay the registration fee. The registration application fee is 1500/- PKR.   

Step 3: Step 3 of registration is comprised to upload the fee challan form and submit the final application.  

Step 4: Now print the application and send a signed application to the authority through courier. For Details

General Documents Required For MDAT Entry Test 

Applicants are required to show the below given general documents to get registered for MDCAT:  

  • Matric result card
  • Intermediate or equivalent study result card
  • Recent photographs  
  • Domicile  
  • CNIC or B Form  

  • For Details

New Merit Formula for Medical Studies 

The revised MBBS merit formula to get admissions in the medical and dental colleges is given below. It is based on your marks in Matric, FSc, and MDCAT.





















MDCAT Entry Test


















In Biology, Chemistry and Physics sections 70% questions will be recall (C1) and 30% at understanding level (C2).


MDCAT Test Pattern 2023

  • Biology has 68 No. of MCQ's.
  • Physics has 56 No. of MCQ's.
  • Chemistry has 56 No. of MCQ's.
  •  English has 20 No. of MCQ's.

Logical Reasoning has 10 No of MCQ’s.

            Total marks of test 210


Is there any Negative Marking in MDCAT?

There is No Negative marking in MDCAT


Steps to Calculate Aggregate for MDCAT 

  1. Marks obtained in HSSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of HSSC/Equivalent. ...
  2. Marks obtained in Entrance Test / SAT II / MCAT x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of Admission Test.
  3. Aggregate Marks x 100 = Aggregate Percentage
  4. 980 x 1100 x 0.50 = 490.
  5. 970 x 1100 x 0.50 = 485.

Medical Fields in Pakistan 

5 Top medical fields besides MBBS in Pakistan 

  • Hons in doctor optometry 
  • Hons in dental technology 
  • Doctor of pharmacy  
  • Doctor of physiotherapy
  • Veterinary Doctor

 Number Of Medical Colleges in Pakistan 

There are total of 138 Medical colleges in Pakistan which offer admission based upon your performance in Matric, FSc,and MDCAT. These 138 colleges are recognized by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). 


Public Sector


Private Sector 


Total Number Of  Colleges























Total Number Of Seats

Private Sector                        83

Public Sector                         55

Over All in Pakistan              138



Provinces Wise Seats Distribution 


Public Sector Seats


Private Sector Seats Allocation

Total Number Of Seats





















Total Number of Seats

       Public Sector          8276

Private Sector         8000

Over All Pakistan   16265

     Closing Merit Of MDCAT 2021

Closing Merit for MBBS (Public Sector)            89.881

Closing Merit for BDS Public Sector                   89.3749

UHS Punjab Public Sector Medical Colleges Merit List MBBS 2022-2023

This is college wise closing merit list for MBBS in Public Sector Medical Colleges in Punjab in 2022.

Medical CollegesClosing Merit
King Edward Medical University. Lahore93.5303
Allama Iqbal Medical College. Lahore92.5985
Services Institute of Medical Sciences. Lahore92.0545
Ameer ud Din Medical College. Lahore91.7273
Nishtar Medical College. Multan90.1182
Fatima Jinnah Medical University. Lahore91.2955
Rawalpindi Medical College. Rawalpindi93.1864
Punjab Medical Colleges. Faisalabad91.1182
Gujranwala Medical College90.9682
Quaid-e-Azam Medical College. Bahawalpur90.7455
Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College. Sialkot90.7015
Sahiwal Medical Colleges90.5955
Sargodha Medical College90.6045
Nawaz Sharif Medical College. Gujrat90.6364
Sheikh Zayed Medical College. Rahim.Yar.Khan90.5045
D.G. Khan Medical College. D.G. Khan90.4909

Closing Merit List BDS 2022 for Dental Colleges in Punjab

This is the closing merit list for BDS 2022 for different dental colleges in Punjab.

Dental CollegesClosing Merit
de Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore89.8442
Nishtar Institute of Dentistry, Multan89.8325
Dental Section Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad89.8225

    What Books should I buy for MDCAT?

Stars publications will help you in Entry Test Preparation. You Can buy Books for MDCAT Preparation to contact on 03331409100/03006093593.

   How to do MDCAT Preparation?

        Here we Discuss few Tips of MDCAT Preparation 

National MDCAT Preparation Tips:

Here are 9 Proven tips for high scores in MDCAT. In this article, I will guide you, how to Plan and Follow MDCAT preparation strategy.

  1. Determination and Focus are the keys
  2. Keep PMC syllabus with you
  3. Set your timetable and follow it
  4. Seek proper guidance
  5. Strengthen your weak points
  6. Participate in MDCAT Practice Online tests beforehand
  7. Practice, Practice, and Practice
  8. Make strategy beforehand to solve MDCAT
  9. Stay Optimistic

Subject wise preparation guide is here.

  • The majority of the students are recommended to attempt the Biology section first as it can be easily solved as compared to other subjects. In this way, within a little time, you can solve the Biology section and will be out of its tension.
  • Then, with all of your concentration you can attempt other sections which are comparatively complicated ones. Try to solve the Physics section afterward as it is a bit complicated than Biology.
  • Additionally, you can assign time for each section. In this way, you will be able to attempt your full paper within the assigned time.


Preparation TRICKS and PLANNING for MDCAT

Divide your paper in time patches

1st Round (Easy)

130 MCQs out of 200 falls in the easy category. Here is the master plan to prepare 130 easy MCQs of National MDCAT by PMC.

Here students make mistakes in a hurry. This is the easiest portion of your exam. The time required for these 130 MCQs should be max 1h _ 1h 10 min leave all other MCQs for the next round

Read MCQs in Biology almost 60 MCQs chemistry almost 40 physics almost 20 English almost 10 This constitutes the major portion of your PMC MDCAT paper and attempt all these superficial MCQs rapidly 60+ 40+20+10 =130

Here another huge mistake made by many of the students is to tick the right option but fill the wrong bubble in hurry. Tip for bubble filling we suggest you, Fill the bubbles after completing two sides of the paper. Then turn the page and attempt the next 2 pages. And fill their bubbles Here starts your exam.

2nd Round (Moderate)

20-30s MCQs ( 2_3 read)In Bio 10 -12 mcqs C chemistry 10_12 mcqs Physics 10_12 mcqs English 5_6 MCQs .All you need for these 35 MCQs is 20 min max. There are easier MCQs. You will attempt these easily just with a little bit of thinking and remembering.

Leave all the big statement difficult MCQs for the next phase. Don’t do them during this phase. You are going on gradually. Just go on with the pace. Just the thing is not to frighten, control your nerves. if you find some MCQs difficult. any portion difficult just relax and go on doing all these superficial and easier MCQs with the flow. Leave all those You find time taking, big statement MCQs, calculation MCQs for the third phase of the exam

3rd Round (Hard)

The most important round of the PMC exam starts now. Believe me, all of u good students (toppers with all that required) actually here start decision time who is able to perform under pressure. All of u will be equal but many of u will lose the game at this spot.

Determination and Focus are the keys

The first and foremost thing which will aid you to achieve your desired score is determination and focus. Students almost get three months for their MDCAT preparation. Three months mean 90 days which requires your determination and all of your focus. If students are focused, they are more likely to be successful than unfocused students.

The success of the students resides in how much they are serious about their exams and how desperately they want to get selected for top-ranked medical institutes. You can stay determined and focused by watching various motivational videos. So, in order to stay focused, keep yourself motivated. Students can also motivate themselves by telling them all the reasons due to which it is essential for them to pass this exam. Students can think about their parents, family, and their associated wishes with them.

MDCAT Syllabus

Keep MDCAT Syllabus with you, You can also download the PDF File of the Syllabus from here.

Once students are focused and motivated, they will keep all the essentials with them which will help them in MDCAT preparation. Students should know what they need to study and in which areas they need to be more focused. Students can better prepare when they are aware of the syllabus. Keep yourself updated with the latest syllabus.

How To Set your timetable and follow it

When a person is truly a passion to achieve something, the very important thing he needs to do is to spare the proper amount of time. Once students are into passing MDCAT, they need to make a proper timetable in which they can mention their subjects and can fix timing for their preparation. Note down that you should fix the proper time for sleep in order to properly focus on your studies.

Seek proper guidance

It is essential to seek proper guidance for the preparation of MDCAT. There are a lot of MDCAT preparatory institutes which help students in preparation through proper techniques and strategies.

STARS ACADEMY LHR equip students with proper guidelines and tools which help students in their test. STARS help students in covering all the MDCAT syllabus within time and according to MDCAT test requirements.

Strengthen your weak points

Identify the areas where you are weak and which need to be strengthened. The majority of the students get difficulty in Chemistry and Physics. Therefore, students should identify their weak areas and should be more focused on them, and should strengthen them. Students should not have supernatural expectations of themselves, instead, they should assess themselves thoroughly and be focused.

Moreover, students can also get help from their teachers as they better know the weak points of their students. Finally, this will help students in knowing for which subjects they need to put some extra effort.

Participate in MDCAT Practice Online tests beforehand

The best possible thing which will help students greatly in their exams is that they can attempt MDCAT-type exams beforehand. Attempting such exams beforehand will help students how they can attempt the MDCAT test in the future. it will help students in the assessment of their preparation and in identifying their weak areas.

MDCAT books

Selection of the Best MDCAT Books will play a major role in Preparation. You should must read from the STARS ACADEMY books, where you get practice of 2000+ MCQ’s according to PMC syllabus. Which is Best for preparation.

“Practice makes a man perfect,” is the best suitable saying to quote here. You cannot be successful until and unless you are not practicing your syllabus.

Your success lies in the fact that how much you have practiced the syllabus. You can repeatedly listen to the lectures and can give tests chapter and topic-wise repeatedly. Revise your syllabus as many times as you can. 

Stay Optimistic

Optimism and faith is the key in keeping yourself going. Stay faithful and seek help from Allah to reach your desired goals. Moreover, try to surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude towards you and who are there for you to motivate you. The majority of the students get panic about the test but it is essential to overcome the pressure to reach our goals.

Students can handle pressure by standing in front of the mirror and by convincing themselves that they are strong enough to pass the test. It is essential for students not to take tests on their nerves as this can bring adverse outcomes. Students should keep themselves out of all the negativity, stress, and anxiety to give their best. Students need to control their thoughts as they lead the actions of the person.

Online National MDCAT Preparation

Here are the guidelines about PMC National MDCAT 2023 Online Preparation. This year PMC also going to conduct MDCAT online. The expected test will be conducted in August.

National MDCAT online preparation

Subject wise preparation guide is here.

  • The majority of the students are recommended to attempt the Biology section first as it can be easily solved as compared to other subjects. In this way, within a little time, you can solve the Biology section and will be out of its tension.
  • Then, with all of your concentration you can attempt other sections which are comparatively complicated ones. Try to solve the Physics section afterward as it is a bit complicated than Biology.
  • Additionally, you can assign time for each section. In this way, you will be able to attempt your full paper within the assigned time.
  • Every Student Must prepare the online MDCAT tutorial by PMC. The videos will be added here.

Stars Entry Test Preparation FOR MDCAT 2023

Stars Academy Lahore offers MDCAT Entry Test 2023 

As Follow… 

  • Regular MDCAT Session 

Regular MDCAT Session  

Regular Classes will conduct next after FSC Exams. It’s a Planning of 90 Days. In which students can prepare his/her for University Entry Test, by following Steps: 

  • Comprehensive Lectures 
  • Daily Test System According to PMC Pattern 
  • Follow-up Discussion Lectures 
  • Crash and Grand Test Session 
  • Home Assignment of Every Subject  
  • Test Evaluation  

Stars Academy E-Learning App 

Pakistan's biggest E-Learning program. Comprehensive Study & Entry Test Prep 

Welcome to Pakistan's biggest online learning program, the Stars Academy - E Learning App! 

The app is a great mix of engaging video lessons and personalized learning, built 

to help students practice, learn and appreciate concepts in an in-depth and easy-to-grasp way.  

The app covers Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Urdu and Biology for classes 9–12 But that’s not all — through the app, students can prepare for competitive exams like ECAT, MDCAT, NUST, and ETEA

Stars Academy E-Learning App is a Platform to those students who wants to achieve their goal with great Marks. Students can prepare themselves for University Test simultaneously FSC Exams. 


  • Features: 
  • Recorded Lectures 
  • Live Teacher Support 
  • Counseling Session 
  • Group Discussions 
  • Topic wise Notes 
  • Home Assignments 
  • Understanding of Topics by Animations 
  • Assessment Analysis 
  • More Helpful than traditional learning 
  • Long Questions Practice 
  • Short Questions Practice
  •  Fortnightly Subject Tests 
  • Q & A Sessions with Subject Specialists 
  • MCQs Practice 
  • Past Paper Solutions 
  • Online Test Marking  


STARS Academy Offers - PMC Entry Test

Stars Academy Iqbal Town
  • Study and Test Session
  • CRASH Test Session
  • Grand Test Session
  • Total No of MCQs 4780 + 2200 + 1100 = 8080
  • STARS books with 2000 MCQs per subject
Stars Academy Iqbal Town
  • Stars Academy Lahore is one of the top institutes since 1991.

    Stars Academy Lahore is offering Entry Test like MDCAT , ECAT , FUNG , NUMCAT Preparation program 2023 for the talented students so that they can achieve the highest marks in their relative entry test to get admission in top institutes of Pakistan.

    Study and test session
    CRASH Test Session
    Grand Test Session
    Total No of MCQs 4780 + 2200 + 1100 = 8080
    STARS books with 2000 MCQs per subject

    If Candidates have any type of Questions related to LMDCAT or For More Detail Contact with STARS Academy Iqbal Town Lahore Phone Number.0333-1409100 | 0300-0603593
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